Success Stories

Here’s what some of my clients say about working with me

Mrs R, age 46, Oxford (1-to-1 Programme)

“Nicky has helped to turn around my health completely and holstically. She takes a sensible and sensitive approach to what is manageable in terms of changes to diet and lifestyle, and is incredibly effective in helping to bring about change, backed by huge knowledge and expertise.”

Mr B, age 35, Windsor (1-to-1 Programme)

“Nicky made a huge difference to my health & therefore to my life. Using her advice, I am able to manage my chronic illness mostly through diet & I have seen an improvement in many of my symptoms. Throughout the process, Nicky was professional but also approachable. She explained her recommendations to me & answered all of my questions & emails promptly. I would highly recommend Nicky!”

Mrs P, age 64, Oxford (1-to-1 Programme)

“I first used Nicky’s services when I was recovering from a hip replacement operation, concerned that I might have further arthritic problems and experiencing one or two long term illnesses. Nicky was extremely thorough in assessing my situation, she took great trouble in explaining to me various dietary options and together we made a plan based on her excellent information sheets and our meetings. We have met regularly over a period of a year and Nicky has always been very thorough in making adjustments to the programme. She has also provided invaluable advice on diet and supplements. At the end of a year the impact on the changes to my diet and lifestyle has been very considerable. I have completely changed my diet cutting out all sugar, dairy and I now automatically eat a good balanced diet without having to think about it. I feel I have more energy and my concentration is better. I am sure it is all down to the advice Nicky has given me. At all times Nicky has been both highly efficient and a most understanding communicator. She has always listened to my concerns and explained clearly the reasoning behind her advice. I intend to to enroll on another course with Nicky and I’m happy to recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in lifestyle and dietary matters.”

Mrs D, age 40s , Oxford (Online Group Programme)

“Thanks for a brilliant course. For me, being part of a group with your guidance helped me to stay focused. I followed the programme almost 100%. I have learned so much and feel confident putting it into practice. This has been life changing for me. I’m trying to make this approach part of my lifestyle and having the recipes helps. I’ve been cooking for friends and family to spread the word and show them this way of eating isn’t an expensive labour-intensive fad, but a sensible manageable way of being healthy. Thanks so much Nicky “

Mrs H, age 54, Amersham (Online Group Programme)

“I feel so much more energised and this overwhelming factor completely reduces the desire to eat the wrong foods. Am in the throes of a house move and project managing a new build and as a result am very sleep deprived but I can guarantee I would not be able to keep going during the day if it were not for the diet!”

Mrs A, age 50, Oxford (1-to-1 Programme)

“So pleased to have completed the programme. Although I have always been health conscious there are two key elements that have seriously helped me loose the weight and those are leaving 5 hours between meals and having 12 food-free hours overnight. I have ‘fallen off the wagon’ a few times but haven’t felt bad for it. I was close to not participating (due to moving house!) but with Nicky’s gentle persuasion she convinced me that I would actually feel more energised and how right she was!”

Mrs R, Brill
(Online Programme)

“It has been a great month, and a way of eating I am very keen to continue – thank you very much for all the suggestions and recipes!”

Mrs G, age 49, Oxford (Online Group Programme)

“Thanks Nicky – it has been great. Created a new sense of what it means to eat well. Lost a few pounds and I’m resolved to cut as much sugar and wheat and dairy out of my diet as I can.”

Mrs E, Oxford (Online Programme)

“I was a little daunted by the recipes and menu plans as I am not a natural cook and have never followed a ‘diet’ in my life and wasn’t sure how disciplined I could be. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did actually have a lot of the ingredients already in my cupboard. I found the first couple of days a challenge as I was missing my carbohydrates but was pleasantly surprised when these ‘cravings’ passed. I do treat myself to a latte in the morning but haven’t wanted/needed to snack on biscuits (never thought I’d say that!). “

Mrs H, age 45, Oxford (1-to-1 Programme)

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help with my nutrition. It is speaking to you that spurred me into action to get medical advice too and I’m so glad I pursued that. I also learnt so much about nutrition and how best to eat – coupled with your regular updates on facebook too.”

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